New Years Resolution

At the beginning of each year we make promises to ourselves in the form of “resolutions” that many of us (even myself) tend to fall short of. We say “I’m going to lose fifty pounds” or read X amount of books, spend less time on the computer, social media or our phones. No longer making resolutions seems a tad bit extreme but, In place of making a resolution, I propose that we make “Actionable Goals” or take “Actionable Steps”.

I tend to lose sight in resolutions because no matter how awesome the goal might be obtaining the goal may seem like climbing up a mountain without equipment. Who would climb a mountain without the tools or know-how?

If your goal for 2019 is to spend less time on your phone (which I think is great by the way) Spend a week or a day monitoring when and how often you are on your phone. If you spend an average of three hours throughout the day on your phone mindlessly surfing social media, Pinterest, or gaming- cut it in half. Police yourself to a certain time of day.

Habits are habitual so get into one. Once the new habit has formed, you’ll find that the dependency on the device has lessened. After the first 30 days see where you are at. Did you succeed? Did something hinder your self-progress? Did stress or other life events get in the way of achieving this goal? Write these things down and start again. There has to be a plan of action in order to be successful.

An important key factor is the actionable language used to define your goals and success. Instead of saying, “my New Year’s resolution is to spend less time on my phone,” I would replace with “I will only use my phone for social use or gaming on my lunch break at work.” Instead of saying, “I want to lose 50lbs this year” (which is a great too) I would say “I want to stop drinking pop,” or “I will only eat heavy carbs during the day.” These Actionable Steps reflect that you have the endgame already in sight but that you’ve gone a step further to create the goal and mindset. It takes WORK but you can do this. You really can, just believe in yourself.

I started thinking through Resolutions and Actionable Steps because as a new business owner, crafter and self-marketer I wanted to make sure I was on track to make further strides, bigger sales, and retain happy customers. Here are my 2019 Actionable Steps for Simple, Bold & Beautiful:

· Keeping Detailed Records of Customer Sales (So far I’ve been really bad at this)

· Following-Up with the “maybe” sales or “interested”

· Signing up for one craft event a month – So far these are the most lucrative days (duh!)

· Positive Self Feedback

That last point of “Positive Self-Feedback” is the most important one. I cannot tell you how often I say to myself, “this business is a joke”, or “no one likes your bracelets,” or “this design is crap.” Trust me looking back at some of the designs from the first few weeks….Yeesh! So bad. With a little persistence and better ways of approaching designs I have fallen into a really nice rhythm. On top of that things are going smoothly and sales are being made. I have to constantly tell myself, “Please don’t be so hard on you!” My biggest confidence boost of 2018 was a personal letter from someone telling me about how much my words of affirmation and positivity on Facebook meant to them and how much it helped get them through a tough time in their life. HOLY CRAP YA’LL. Did you just read that? Someone said something I wrote, the way I speak/write and regale that positive energy…Helped them? It was the most reassuring and wonderful thing I had heard in a long time. It’s those moments that remind me while I am trying to spread kindness and positivity to all that the person who needs to be wrapped in it the most is me. So here’s to Actionable Goals that will help us achieve these and future resolutions

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