Seasonal Pieces

In Michigan, the winter months mean many people put away the colorful digs of summer and we fall into the grays and whites that our winter weather often brings. What I have found from watching most of my customers pick out their bracelets that despite the many who might pick neutrals for clothes or household decor it is the earth tones that stand alone as the supreme choice winner. The Earthy Greens of a Fraser Fir or the luscious Blues of Lake Michigan and her warm sandy beaches find their likeness among the Simple, Bold & Beautiful’s Bracelets . I think the Earth-tone natural colors have a calming effect on our eyes, on our mind and fashionably speaking they go with just about everything.

I currently have adorned a beautiful wood bracelet with some sparkly accents. It is a inviting look that pairs well easily with every outfit. Whether I wear a bright red sweater or I’m downplayed in neutral tones, this look is surely complementary. Whatever your style this season be sure to grab some Earth Tone Bracelets before they’re gone.

This Sunday, November 18th is the highly publicized Handmade Craft show in Fenton. I’m excited to see if my prediction rings true with the sale of Earth Tones as I believe they make us feel connected to Nature. The cold weather keeps us locked away all winter long but on our wrist is a reminder of the grass that awaits our toes and the warm sandy beach calling our names whispering to us that we will return to nature in just a few short months.

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