The Universe

Yesterday the Universe was Weird. Do you ever have one of those days where everywhere you go the universe is trying to tell you something? Then read on…

I walked from my office to the post office in the rain, I misjudged how bitter cold it was and only had a light jacket on but with the rain the walk was more miserable. When I reached the post office there was a line. Normally, I am impatient and the sign of a line would throw me into the dramatics of “why me!?” but today I so welcomed the wait, the heat, and the buzz of the florescent lighting. It was an opportunity, a gift, a few spare moments to warm back up and dry off before heading back out into the cold rainy Michigan weather.

After dropping off packages I walked back towards my building but needed Excedrin for my migraine so I went to 7/11 instead. Happy to have my pain saving drugs I decided coffee might also be needed (LOL). I turned to head towards the coffee shop next door to see a man in a wheel chair was struggling trying to get the door open and get through. I sprinted over to the door but didn’t make it in time to help him, he managed to struggle himself in. I thought to myself, “The coffee shop must be empty today because no one was here to help this man…” but to my horror the always very busy coffee shop with students and patrons was as it always was. People has just watched him struggle. While waiting a good distance behind him in line, silently shaming everyone, two old ladies had come in behind me. But the distance that I had allotted the man in the wheel chair in the line allowed these two old ladies to cut in front of me… I ordered my coffee last.

Later in the evening after getting home from work, tutoring, trying to clean the house, trying to decide what to feed everyone, I noticed the flowers. Sitting on the half wall were perfect, pretty and just because roses. No giant show of “Honey look what I got for you!!” but just there and waiting. In all the chaos that is Tuesday night at our house with animals running around I mean the children and the dogs, I ran out to get Tacos. It was Tuesday after all. While waiting again in line the girl at the counter told me how much she hated her job and was ready to go home for the day. She later preceded to tell me she was trying to get a job as a mentor at a drug treatment facility. To which I said was probably a “very tough but meaningful job”. She shook her head in agreement. Before I left she told me she had been sober for 10 years and 2 months. When she walked away to grab my food, I prayed for her. I wanted all the things she wanted for her life and then wished her more. I told her “Good luck” as I left and I truly meant it.

After Dinner was cleaned up, tutoring done, laundry started, emails returned, I got a text from a friend out of the blue that said “I love you Beth. You’re a good mom and a good friend.” It was the truest reward, made my day, the best kind of validation I really needed. I stopped to think about all the ways the Universe had been talking to me.

All the things that normally would irritate me, waiting in line or that a line of some sort even existed was really a great lesson of life. The line at the post office warmed me up before going back out into the cold. Although I’m still struggling with trying to make sense of the wheelchair guy, the two old ladies in line that cut in front of me were probably hungry, gathering their muffins and coffee all the while chatting. I tried to surmise that maybe they were long lost friends getting together and they were so busy catching up that they didn’t see me. They were so happy and engrossed with each other that the world faded away. It made me realize how empty our lives are without relationships like that. While waiting for Tacos this girl just needed the stranger at the counter (me) to be kind. To listen to her. To wish her well. To pray for her because that is what she needed in that moment. I feel like Matt Perry in “Fools Rush In,” but “there are signs everywhere!” and It’s so true. We are often so busy in the moment, so rushing to live our own lives that we forget about the things around us. The Universe, God, Allah, The Goddess – whomever you worship- it/they are constantly reminding us about the really truly important things and I had to share it. I had to share it because yesterday it felt profound and it still feels profound now. Maybe you made it to the end of this novel and if you did I’m really grateful. I hope this message is for you. I hope you can take this into your life today. I hope that the next time you need a warm place that it’s there for you. I hope that a stranger rushes to hold the door when your hands are full. That the world melts away when you are with your best friend. That a stranger will pray for you when you need it most. That there are just because flowers waiting for you. That when you least expect it someone tells you that they love you. It’s not about the wait of the line, it’s about those of us who help carry the weight of the line in life.

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